How to Participate in a 6 Week Body Challenge Programme in Melbourne

If you knew that in just 6 weeks you could achieve a great body shape, burn body fat, increase self confidence and a lot more energy, for sure you would not look the other side if asked to participate in a 6 week body challenge programme. The programme promises to get you into a state of all round fitness and health.

Can anyone take part in the 6 week challenge?

Yes, though not every person requires the same workouts. Each person’s body is different with regard to their weaknesses and strengths. Each person will also have their own goal to achieve. Some people would like to build muscle others might just want to tone up their bodies.

How does the 6 week challenge help?

By joining the 6 week body challenge programme in Melbourne you will be able to take off excess weight, trim your waist down, get rid of fat and in general get your muscles properly toned up. It will be like overcoming all the obstacles you have been encountering so far – the programme will help to positively change your body. With expert personal training and hard work to help you change your approach on how to stay fit, you will be surprised on how your physique can be transformed.

Everything to gain

By joining the 6 week body challenge programme you will be able to bid goodbye to boring cardio exercises, fad diets and personal trainers who may put you through intense workouts. What you gain is:

    • A toned body so you can get back into those shapely clothes
    • Get rid of unwanted fat especially in the areas of thighs, tummy and arms
    • A new slimmer you shaving off 10 years in your age!

What the 6 week challenge programme offers:

  1. Suitable nutrition plans that not only will keep you happy, but not let you develop hunger pangs.
  2. High energy and fun workouts which can be performed in your home. The workouts are designed to burn about 9 times the amount of calories that traditional cardio workouts do.
  3. By joining the 6 week challenge programme you will be given access to the members special area which contains hundreds of workout videos and tips especially selected to help melt stubborn fat from the body.
  4. The 6 week challenge programme has a closed Facebook community from where you will be able to gain accountability and support from others who are making the same journey that you are making.
  5. You will benefit from daily lessons which will help to change your mindset and improve your habits, helping you to adopt new disciplines. All of which will help easier weight reduction.

The right time to join –

  1. If you have reached the stage where your mirror reflection makes you feel depressed and you cannot hide the flabby and fat parts of your body any more.
  2. If you are ready to follow a healthy diet i.e. eat smaller meals 6 times a day – with may be a treat during weekends?
  3. You have to be ready to commit and stick with the right diet and fitness routine.