A Guide to Hiring a Fitness Instructor

If you are looking for ways to kick-start your career after completing your fitness instructor courses, do consider starting a boot camp as an excellent platform for attracting a large group of people.

Such camps are becoming all the trend nowadays with their open air; minimal equipment approach and clients just love breathing in the fresh air or watching the sun rise as they work out.

Consider the Start-up Costs

Starting a boot camp is relatively cheaper compared to renting hours at a gym. So conducting your very own bootcamp is a wonderful way of testing all that you learned during your personal trainer courses while spreading your name as a successful trainer.

Firstly, bootcamps use very few equipment. You may need some ropes or cones but mostly you will use natural obstacles or park benches, railings, bollards, steps etc to create challenging workouts.

Secondly, depending on your location; you may use your local park for free or have to pay a hefty permit for using a popular beach destination to conduct your bootcamps.

You can also check out sports ovals as most local clubs are eager to rent out the grounds that remain empty most of the time. Apart from location, costs for permit can also vary depending on the facilities available at the ground such as showers, washrooms, parking and so on.

Lastly, you must have some budget for marketing. Be prepared to invest in creating a good logo along with posters; banners; inserts and leaflets for offline marketing. You should also have a good website and be visible on the online market and the social media.