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Why Workout With a Kids Personal Trainer?

Working with a kids personal trainer can fetch you results that you have always wanted to see. Many people prefer working with a kids personal trainer simply because these fitness instructors offer exclusive service to an individual and are fully cognizant of what should be and should not be done for those individuals.

They offer a holistic health package both in terms of workouts and nutritional advice to their clients. While there are several reasons that support the need for a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goal, there is also another community of people who may not vouch for their services. This is largely because of the cost element attached to hiring a personal trainer. A kids fitness trainer can vary from $50 to $110 an hour depending on their services.

However, when compared to the long term benefits a personal trainer has to offer, you will very soon be able to gauge the benefits over cost. Therefore, there are many reasons that support hiring kids personal trainers.

But identifying an effective trainer from a not so effective one is often complicated and many people end up losing loads of money due to a wrong choice. While it is difficult to chart out an extremely full proof methodology to identify a good trainer, following certain critical steps can take you closer to your goal.

(1) Certifications, qualification and accreditations are an excellent means of determining a qualified and professional personal trainer. They are an authorized way of understanding the credentials of a fitness instructor. It is a basic presumption that a trainer who is well qualified or just becoming certified has good amount of national accreditations to his portfolio is deemed to be good at his work and therefore can be trusted.

(2) Professionalism is an important component to any good professional and a personal trainer is no exception to this rule. Determine if he is really interested in you achieving your goal and plans to work towards it. Prioritizing money or any other aspect over health and fitness is definitely not a good sign.

(3) Get referrals from his clients on his performance and the way he treats his individual clients.

(4) Personality is also considered important. One who looks fit and maintains his physique is most likely to replicate similar efforts to his clients.

(5) Good personal trainers are those who are genuinely interested in your well being and take every step to help you reach your goal.

There also exist other aspects to consider and these will become evident when you discuss directly with them.

Market yourself as a personal trainer

If you are running a personal online trainers business, you need to have good personal trainers on your payroll. This breed of staff, if they have the right background, training and approach, can make a big difference to improving the image of your gym as also increasing your client base. Fitness depends on proper training, and if your trainers can provide the same you will definitely see an increase in the number of people wanting to enroll. The Dangerously Fit Boot Camp may be a good fir for you.

So what are the qualities and attitude you need to look out for when hiring personal trainers? Given below are a few guidelines:

  • When you employ a personal trainer you should first check what personal trainer courses the person has undergone, and any fitness certifications obtained with a fitness company. This is important as the better the training and experience, the more the personal trainers will be able to invest in the job. Personal training is in fact, not just a job. It should be a lifestyle where the incumbent is willing to go the extra mile during training sessions.
  • The trainer should develop a good rapport with the clients. Fitness training should not be something for clients to dread because it demands effort and commitment. The trainer should be able to introduce a level of relaxation and fun into the training sessions so that clients look forward to the next session.
  • If the trainer has an increase in performance and is already on the popular list, hiring someone of such caliber will definitely prove a worthy hire. For example, if the trainer has won prizes in some sport such as sprinting, boxing etc…for sure he or she will have a fan following. This could result in a Pied Piper situation.
  • Personal trainers are bound to discuss with others about their training experience in your gym. If you discover that negative stories are floating around, it is time to take up the matter with the trainer.
  • You need to hire a trainer who is not a clock-watcher. Often clients could require a bit of extra time to complete their workouts. The trainer should be willing to accommodate the clients without any fall-off in quality.
  • When hiring, check out whether the trainer is involved in any community activities. Such involvement would enhance the trainer’s reputation, which in turn will lure more clients to enroll in your gym.


Most gyms will offer the services of trainers with backgrounds in personal trainer courses. However, not all trainers might be pulling their weight. No doubt they will do their duty in helping clients with the workout routines, but how many really throw their heart and soul into the job? A personal trainer has to first understand the mission of your gym. Next, the trainer would need to look at each client as a separate entity with individual needs. Lastly as mentioned above, the trainer should be ready to undertake the training responsibilities with total commitment and sincerity.

A Guide to Hiring a Fitness Instructor

If you are looking for ways to kick-start your career after completing your fitness instructor courses, do consider starting a boot camp as an excellent platform for attracting a large group of people.

Such camps are becoming all the trend nowadays with their open air; minimal equipment approach and clients just love breathing in the fresh air or watching the sun rise as they work out.

Consider the Start-up Costs

Starting a boot camp is relatively cheaper compared to renting hours at a gym. So conducting your very own bootcamp is a wonderful way of testing all that you learned during your personal trainer courses while spreading your name as a successful trainer.

Firstly, bootcamps use very few equipment. You may need some ropes or cones but mostly you will use natural obstacles or park benches, railings, bollards, steps etc to create challenging workouts.

Secondly, depending on your location; you may use your local park for free or have to pay a hefty permit for using a popular beach destination to conduct your bootcamps.

You can also check out sports ovals as most local clubs are eager to rent out the grounds that remain empty most of the time. Apart from location, costs for permit can also vary depending on the facilities available at the ground such as showers, washrooms, parking and so on.

Lastly, you must have some budget for marketing. Be prepared to invest in creating a good logo along with posters; banners; inserts and leaflets for offline marketing. You should also have a good website and be visible on the online market and the social media.